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Money Reiki Certification

Money Reiki-ALL three levels

Practitioner, Master Level, and Grand Master Certification 

This course contains ALL three levels of training and certification.

Abundance comes in many forms, but many people have a hard time dealing with their finances. This special system called Money Reiki was designed to deal specifically with money.

This course will help you to earn and manage money more effectively and in ways that support your highest good.

This course will also help the planey by shifting the energy that is surrounding money. It works with the "Spiritual Energy of Money."

Through the persistent use of techniques in this course, you can begin to overcome your financial issues.

MOney Reiki can be a powerful tool of manifesting for yourself and also for others by clearing away the negative issues and energies that you have surrounding money. As this negativity melts away, more positive affirmations can take hold.

ALL three levels

Everything will be sent by email. 

Cost of Class: $50 for ALL three levels 

Cost of Course: $50 for ALL