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'D' Energy Systems

* Datum Reiki

* Deep Red Reiki

* Dental Reiki

* Divine Will Reiki 

* Dolphin Rainbow Chakra

* Dolphin Reiki

* Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat

* Dolphin Trilogy

* Dragon Reiki

* Dolphin Sekhem-Seichim

Datum Reiki

Prerequisite: You must be a Reiki Master


Datum Reiki was created by Alec Summers. During a meditation, Alec was taken to the heart of the source of Reiki energy. His whole body was bathed in pure, golden Reiki energy. He felt tingly and peaceful and sensed an ancient presence called "I". Afterwards he felt completely refreshed.

He was asked to say, "I, I, I" slowly and deliberately. He felt a massive healing energy surge go through his body. You can also use this as a meditation tool and a way to connect to "I". The three I's must be said slowly, one I at a time to let the energy build. He was then given the Datum Symbol.

Datum comes from the Latin meaning 'gift' or 'that which is given'. Datum is also a term used in mathematics and surveying. It is a reference line from which all other points are drawn, just as all Reiki healers draw Reiki energy from the same source.

It can be used to connect you to the heart of Reiki and to the Ancient presence, "I". You will be able to bathe your mind, body, aura and spirit in golden, Reiki energy. This is a very relaxing and peaceful experience. "I" is waiting for people to connect to him so that he can channel through them.

This is a long distance certification. Manual and certificate will be emailed to you.

Cost of Certification: $25

Dental Reiki 

Want to maintain Dental Health? If so, then Dental Reiki may be for you.

Course includes Anti-Cavity/gingivitis Shakti, Anti-putrefaction, Restoration Shakti and more...

Manual, attunement and certificate will be emailed to you.

Cost of course: $25

Deep Red Reiki 

Deep Red Reiki was created in 2006 with the highest & purest love by GEOM!* and the Holy Archangels of Light.

Deep Red Reiki deals with the special frequency of LIGHT that may help us in many areas and with many issues. Issues can include protection, grounding, revitalization and spiritual cleansing.

This is a very easy system to learn and useYou must be a Reiki Master in order to pass this attunement on to others.

Cost of course is $25 and includes emailed manual, attunement and certificate.

Divine Will Reiki 

Prequisite: You  must be a Usui or Seichim Reiki Master to take this training.

This course was founded in 2006 by Kathleen Ingle-Wolodzko aka Wren Kihara with the help of Archangle Gabriel. This course includes symbols such as the Divine Birth, Divine Heart, Divine Breath, Divine Connection, Divine Presences, Divine Cross and the Divine Flame, and more...

There are 3 levels. Cost of Course is $25 for ALL three levels

Course includes emailed manual, attunements and certificate.

Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat Empowerment

In Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat Empowerment, you will receive information on how to use the dolphin energy to harness sound as a powerful way to heal, harmonize and unite your lower self with your higher self.

Manual and certificate will be emailed to you.

Cost of course: $25

Dolphin Rainbow Chakra

Use this wonderful energy system for global healing.

Manual, attunement and certificate will be emailed to you.

Cost of course: $25

Dragon Reiki 

Discover how dragons were written about in Babylonian myths, nordic myths and in India. Reports from the 19th century have also come in anout dragon sightings. Discover the different types of dragons and their own special and unique abilities. Use the Dragon symbols for transformation, balance, Unity, unification, and more.

All 2 manuals and 1 certificate will be emailed to you.


Cost: $49


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