Reiki Center of Venice

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About the Akashic Records

Sometimes referred to as The Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind, and even The Soul Records. The Akashic Records is the past, present and future knowedge of all things.

Similar to the Cosmic Consciousness, the Akashic Records are the total of all talents and knowledge.

Though not actually books or scrolls, the Akashic Records are energetic vibrations that translates into images, form, symbols, imagery and language that the human mind can understand.

Every person can access their own records, but the ability to access the records of others is gained through access to the Higher Self of that person.

This course offers you to read the Akashic Records for yourself, and for others (where permission is given).

Cost of Certification is $99.

Manual will be emailed to you but a 10-15 minute phone call must be made by student to me for attunement.


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