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'G' Energy Systems

'G' Energy System

     *Gayatri Seichim Reiki

     *Goddess Hecate

     *Golden Triangle

     *Green Tara Seichim Reiki


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Gayatri Seichim Reiki

Cost of entire certification will emanual and attunements is $50.


Gtummo Certification

Gtummo comes from the Tibetan language that refers to a mystic technique and energy that is produced which first warms the body of the Gtummo practitioner and helps them to achieve spiritual perfection.

This system offers the exoteric gtummo, the mystic gtummo and the esoteric gtummo.

There are 16 symbols in this tradition and a gtummo hand mudra to use.

10 page emanual

Cost of certification is $25

Course emanual, attunement and certificate will be emailed to you:


Goddess Hecate 

The Goddess Hecate was channelled by Elizabeth (midnightowl) Hibel. This triple Goddess represents the Maiden, Mother and Crone: The mind, body and spirit: the birth, life and death.

Discover Hecate in Early Greek Religion as Hekate.

Hecate symbol's include the toad for conception, tourches for guidance, key for gateways and transitions, and more....

Green Tara Seichim Reiki Certification

Seichim, a word (pronounced say-keem”) of unknown origin—but closely related to the ancient Egyptian word sekhem (sxm), which means life-force, or energy—is used to indicate a system of healing that many feel has ancient origins in Tibet. This practice is said to have been handed down from very ancient times.


Seichim is not a religion, although this healing practice is becoming known in all cultures throughout the world. It has a built-in spiritual dimension. Seichim is a unity concept, because it is now accepted globally. Seichim teaches unity and harmony. Seichim is in harmony with nature and can be used to heal plants and trees, people and animals, and can even be used to help purify and harmonize water and air.


Seichim was discovered near the end of the twentieth century by an American man named Patrick Zeigler. He first experienced this energy in 1979–80 while in the Great Pyramid, after which he studied with the leader of Tariqa Burhaniya band of Sufi mystics, Sayyidi Fahruddin Sheikh Mohammed Uthman Abduh al-Burhani (d. 1983). He later developed it into a system of healing that he passed on to others by means of a system of empowerments, or attunements (which he modeled after the Reiki attunements). Various versions of it are now practiced by many around the globe.

 After the system was enhanced by Phoenix Summerfield, who added some Egyptian elements to it (and probably even created the system known as Isis Seichim) that eventually led to both Deepa Slater and Helen Belot developing system associated with the goddess Sekhmet. Strangely enough, the Belot system teaches both Seichim and Sekhem as separate energies, but teaches and attunes students to them together. In the Belot lineage, Seichim is said to be connected with the Buddhist deity best known around the world in its female manifestation but its Chinese name, Kuan-yin. Many have suspected that this might in fact be a misapprehension, and that the divine being is actually the Saviouress of the World, Green Tara, the embodiment of love and compassion, she who was born of the tear that fell from the face of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (“Regarder of the Cries of the World”—note that he is in actual fact the Indian male form of the same female being called Kuan-yin in China and Kannon in Japan), when he took pity on human suffering.

Cost of Course is $25.

Manual and certificate will be emailed to you.


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