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Chakra Energy Worker Certification


The Chakra Energy Worker Certification

This course will teach you the basic chakra system. Learn and practice energy techniques such as opening, balancing, cleansing, and closing chakras. Learn how to incorporate the knowledge of the chakra system into your life to prevent, maintain, and to encourage healing on all levels.

Here is what you can expect to learn in our easy to read manual with simple to follow directions:

Lesson One: Introduction to Chakras, How to Sensitize your Hands, How to Activate the Chakras, How to Cleanse the Chakras, How to Balance the Chakras, How to Close the Chakras, How to do a Body Scan, How to Perform Local Treatments.

Lesson Two: Chakra One

Lesson Three: Chakra Two

Lesson Four: Chakra Three

Lesson Five: Chakra Four

Lesson Six: Chakra Five

Lesson Seven: Chakra Six

Lesson Eight: Chakra Seven, Astral Projection

Each lesson comes with easy to follow exercises to enhance your knowledge of that chakra. There is a test that the end of each of the lessons to help test your knowledge and understanding of what you have read. You may send in the finished test when completed or all together at the end of the course for grading.

You may contact me at anytime with questions you may have relating to the course material. I answer emails as quickly as I get them. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours then please resubmit the email as I may not have received the first email you sent me. (this happens).

Upon successful completion of the course (You must maintain at least a 70% correct answers on the entire course), you will then receive a Certificate of Completion for the course. You may use this course towards the Wholistic Practitioners Certification.

For any further questions, please contact me at:




Chakra Energy Worker Course

100 hours

This is the basic Chakra Energy Course. This course includes a 160 page coursework, set of seven gemstones and one quartz,and color chakra chart. Certificate will be emailed to you after successful completion of course.


Cost: $ 99.00 plus $ 13.99 postage and handling.(US ONLY) Total: $ 112.99



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