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Alaya Crystal Healing Course-Sign up Today!!!

This is an eight week course.

Me sure to sign up by sending an email to

There will be eight lessons, one a week, that will be emailed to you.

You must return your answers from one lesson before receiving the next lesson.

Course includes the Alaya Crystal Chart

Certificate will be emailed to you after the completion of the course.

Cost of course: Only $25

What is covered in the course

Lesson One-What are crystals?

Lesson Two-Meditation, Kundalini and Ascension

Lesson Three-Chakras and Auras

Lesson Four-Divination and Crystallomancy

Lesson Five-Past Lives

Lesson Six-Law of Ascension

Lesson SevenGem Elixirs

Lesson Eight-Anatomy & Physiology



Customer Reviews

Hi Francine,

I really enjoyed the whole course! It was a very focused way of learning the many different applications of Crystal Healing.

Thanks you so much for everything! This experience has been very positive in my life.




Cost of course is only $25 with all lessons and certificates emailed to you.

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