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Tuning Fork TherapyŽ Chakra Certification

Discover how to use tuning forks to balance and tone your chakras.

Learn new techniques with my simple and easy to follow directions that are both in the book and demonstrated on the Instructional DVD.

Teach your own classes after certification.



TFT Chakra Certification

Your TFT Chakra certification will include the following items:

1-7 piece unweighted chakra set

1-Color Chakra manual

1-Instructional DVD

1-Chakra set of gemstones 


Tft Chakra Certification with 7pc Fork Set

Forks come in a blue velveteen case 


Cost: $199.00 plus $13.99 postage in U.S.




With 8pc Chakra set.

Cost: $219.00 plus $13.99 postage in U.S. 

With 9pc Chakra set.

Cost: $249.00 plust $13.99 postage in U.S. 


Chakra Tuning Fork Set

Choose between 7pc and 8pc Chakra Tuning Fork sets

Choose between weighted and unweighted tuning forks

7 piece unweighted Chakra tuning fork set 


TFT Chakra Book & DVD (below)

Chakra Book & DVD (only)

no certification


Chakra Book (only)

no certification


Instruction DVD (only)

no certification 

Chakra fork sets continued...

8 piece unweighted Chakra tuning fork set.

Balls NOT included but can be purchased below: 


TFT Chakra Book (shown above)

Chakra Weighted Tuning Forks (shown above)

Chakra Gemstone Set in Box (shown above)


Chakra Colored Balls (shown above)

Chakra Balls for Tuning Forks

8-piece set

Cost: $12.99 plus $6.99 U.S. postage