Reiki Center of Venice

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Komyo Reiki Certification

What is Komyo Reiki?

Hyakuten Inamoto is a Japanese Buddhist monk from the PUte Land Sect of Buddhism. He received his Reiki training from Chiyoko Yamaguchi who passed away the summer of 2003. When Inamoto studied with Master Yamaguchi there was no printed material from which to learn Reiki. It was all taught through oral instruction.

Inamoto took what was taught to him and he created a workbook for his own students. Inamoto calls this system of Reiki that he teaches, "Komyo Reiki." In Japan, the word 'Komyo' means Enlightenment. Thus, Komyo Reiki means 'Enlightenment Reiki.'

Inamoto's goal is to spread the knowledge and teachings of Reiki to all who are interested in learning this system of natural healing.

To me, being in the presence of this kind and gentle spirit was what I would believe it would have felt like to be in the presence of Sensei Usui himself.


Komyo Reiki Lineage

Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Chiyoko Yamaguchi

Hyakuten Inamoto

Francine Milford


Three Levels of Teaching:


New - earn 14 Ce's


You MUST be a Reiki Master

Level One - 4 hours
$ 100 in person,

Level Two - 4 hours
$ 100 in person,

Level Three/Master level - 4 hours
$ 100 in person,

Cost for Usui Reiki Masters

You MUST be a Reiki Master

In person-Komyo Reiki Master 2 day weekend-$300

14 hours of training.

ALL three levels of attunements will be given.


Francine Milford
P.O. Box 554
Venice, FL. 34285