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About the Hunab Ku Reiki Certification

Hunab Ku Reiki was created by Francine Milford in 2008.

This is a simple and easy to use system of health and healing that involves the use of one symbol and one attunement.

The manual includes information on the Chakra system and how to use the symbol for balancing the chakras. In addition to the 7 major chakras, several minor chakras are incorporated.

This system can be given in person or through long distant learning.

Everyone is thinking about what will happen on Dec. 21, 2012 because that is when the Mayan calender ends. Did the Mayans believe in the total destruction of mankind-or-did the Mayans believe that with the transit of Venus would come a universal transition in the very consciousness of mankind, a step in evolution so to speak.

The symbol is one that represents movement and measure.

Cost of Course

Cost of course which includes book, certificate, and attunement is $49

After your receive the attunement you will be able to attune your own students in this natural system of healing.

All materials will be emailed to you.


Not interested in Certification?

Not interested in certification?

Then you can purchase the color book ONLY for only $30 plus $4.99 postage inside the United States.

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