Reiki Center of Venice

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Welcome to the Reik Center of Venice Store

The Reiki Center of Venice offers gifts for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Reiki Center of Venice located in Venice, FL. 34293

We accept cash, checks, credit cards and money orders on-site, online, over the telephone and through

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Singing Bowls                                                       

Singing Bowls

Reiki Classes


NCBTMB, FL Massage Ce's

Crystal, Gemstones, Certifications

Aromatherapy Certifications, oils, more

Chakra jewelry, books, and more

Tuning Fork Products and Certifications

Bach Flower remedies, certifications and more

Copper Wands and Crystal Caps


Hot SnapZ products, ce's, more

Reiki Books, Videos and more

Chakra Colored Balls for Tuning Forks

Oils for Aroma Diffusers

Hand Therapy for Computer Users

Guide to crystals and download

HIV, Medical Errors, Ethics, FL. Law

Yin Yang Stress Balls

Reiki Products

Angel Pins, Angel Books, Angel Cards

Crystal and Gemstone Pendulums

Meditation and Mind Support CDs

Meditation CDs

Chakra Crystals and Gemstones

Books & Videos

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