Reiki Center of Venice ~ Classes for 2017

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2017 ON-site LIVE Course Schedule

CE Calendar 2017


(please note that you can divide up a 2-day class and take them in different months-but-you must pay for it ahead of time and you must take both to receive your ce’s.)


Available Courses for 2017

(ALL classes are TWO-DAY workshops that begin at 10am and end at 4pm for 12 hours-and 5pm for 14 hours).




LMT Last Weekend CE Special


All 24 Renewal CE Package $199.99
Dates August 25, 26, 27, 2017
Friday Night, August 25, 4pm start (bring a snack and a set of sheets)
Saturday, August 26, 11am start (bring lunch and a set of sheets)
Sunday, August 27, 9am start (bring lunch and a set of sheets)
Venice, Florida  Contact Larry at 941-492-7136
Live Courses Included:
4 Hours Stretching Techniques for the Sports and Fitness Client
6 Hours Advance Stretching Techniques for the Sports and Fitness Client
4 Hours Cold Massage Techniques for the Sports and Fitness Client
4 Hours Hot Pack Massage for the Sports and Fitness Client
Home Study Florida Required Courses Included:
2 Hours Ethics, 2 Hours Medical Errors, 2 Hours Florida Laws
Total 24 hours   Must Pre-Register


August  25, 26,  & 27-COST: $199.99





August 23- Usui Reiki Master Certification + Reiki Advanced Practices I (12 ce’s)-$199




Please do NOT wear perfumes or scented aromas to class due to my allergies.

ALL ce’s will be posted within 24 hours after completion of class



Tuning Fork TherapyŽ Level One Certification +

Tuning Fork Therapy Level One Certification + Business Course

     -(12 LIVE ce's)

     +6 hour 'Understanding Research' home study course

     +6 Fl required


Cost: $399 total for 24 Ce's and certification.

All materials (books, forks, hockey pucks, DVD's, etc. included)



Pick a date for you and a friend to come. You pay full price and your friend pays 1/2 the cost of this class only.

Email me at to schedule date and time of class.


Vibrational Reiki ~ 14 ce's

Two-Day Workshop 

Cost: $249 plus $8.99 paypal processing fee.



May 20 & 21 



July 15 & 16 



August 12 & 13 



Understanding Research

Home Study ONLY

Massage Research

6 NCBTMB Ce's.

Cost of Course: $39.00





Usui Reiki Level I Certification-8 ce's


8 ce's.

$150 plus $4.99 paypal fees 


May 10, 2017



June 3, 2016



July 1, 2017




Advanced Reiki Practices I

4 hours-4 ce's 

$79 plus $2.99 paypal fees. 

Pick any weekday for class.

Bring a friend and they pay half.



Reiki for Special Populations

3 hours-3 Ce's

Pick any weekday for class.

Bring a friend and they pay half.

$59.99 plus $2.49 paypal processing fee. 



Hot Pack Classes-3 ce's each

Cost of each Class is $59.99 plus $2.49 fee

Total of 5 classes available

Total of 15 ce's available 

3 ce's





Usui Reiki Level Two Certification~8 ce's

10am- 6pm

8 ce's

Pre-requisitive: Must have taken Level One with ME 

Cost: $150 plus $4.99 paypal fee


By Appointment




Usui Reiki Level Three

Master Certification-8 ce's

You must received your level one and two from me first.

Pick a date for you and a friend to come. You pay full price and your friend pays 1/2 the cost of class. Email me at to schedule date and time of class.



Free 6 mandatory ce's + Free HIV when attending 12 ce LIVE classes. ($35 otherwise)


Attention: Please do NOT wear scented deodorants or perfumes to classes. 


Always come with a set of sheets, a face cradle cover/pillow case and a bottle of water.


***Paypal link for classes are listed at



2017 Class Schedules




7 - Home Study Courses



The Following Home Study Course will include a printed manual, CD (or DVD where available) and test. All will be mailed to you using postal service inside of United States. You may mail, or email me back your answers.




1. Creating your Business- 4 general ce's - $59.99 + 8.99 p/h

2. Aromatherapy for MT's - 4 general ce's - $59.99 + $8.99 p/h

3. Hot Pack Massage (back)- 3 general ce's - $59.99 + $8.99 p/h

4. Hot Pack Massage (arms/hands)-  3 general ce's - $59.99+ $8.99 p/h

5. Hot Pack Massage (legs and feet) -  3 general ce's -$59.99+ $8.99 p/h

6. Hot Pack Massage (face)-  3 general ce's - $59.99+ $8.99 p/h

7. Hot Pack Massage (Chair Massage)-  3 general ce's - $59.99+ $8.99 p/h

8. Tuning Fork Therapy® Level One Home Study $299+ $12.99 p/h


Order all 5 Hot Pack (Home Study) Courses for $199 and receive the 6 Florida required and 1 HIV free!


Offering FL Massage and NCBTMB CE's for:


  • Reiki Level One Certification
  • Reiki Level Two Certification
  • Reiki Level Three/Master Certification
  • QiGong
  • Creating the Business of your Dreams 
  • Aromatherapy for MTs and Bodyworkers
  • Do~In Massage
  • Tuning Fork Massage
  • Vibrational Reiki (Levels one, two and three/Master)
  • Hot Pack Series
  • Reiki for Special Populations
  • Usui Reiki Advanced Practices I
  • Tuning Fork Classes at










HomeStudy-FL Massage Ce's


***NOTE: Even though the FSMTA, NATA and the Florida Board of Massage Therapy has decided that you don't need the HIV/AIDS course anymore (a decision that I don't support) I believe so strongly in the importance of keeping therapists aware of good hygeine methods, that I am offering this course to all massage therapists FREE. Course is 1 ce’s. Manual and test will be emailed to you. Just click below.





```Professional Ethics. 2 hours. $10



```Medical Ethics. 2 hours. $10



```Fl Law. 2 hours. $10




```Creating the Business of your Dreams. 4 hours. $59.99 plus $8.99 U.S. postage

Includes printed book, DVD, final test

Cost: $59.99 plus U.S. $8.99 postage


Aromatherapy for MTs and Bodworkers. $59.99 plus $8.99 U.S. Postage

Includes printed book, DVD, Final test.

Cost: $59.99 plus U.S. $8.99 postage




Print out form and fill in. 

All Classes are held at the Reiki Center of Venice, Venice, FL. 34293




Classes will be held at the Reiki Center of Venice, Venice, Fl. 34293.  Call 941-492-7136 for directions or visit the website.  



Read Cancellation and Refund Policy on  Register online or use the form below.



Mail check to the following address at least one week before the scheduled workshop to reserve your spot.     



Mail this form and payment to:

Francine Milford,

3730 Cadbury Circle, #614W, Venice, Fl. 34293 



Pay by credit card for classes on links above 







City, State_________________________















Amount of Check__________________




Alternative Payment 


You can pay by credit card online at Just go to and click on ‘send money’ and send the correct amount to Credit cards, cash, money orders and checks are also accepted on-site  




Workshops and Certifications



The following courses are offered providing students with FL Massage CEU's, NCBTMB CE's, and some qualify for BOC CEU's (if in doubt, please ask). The public is always welcome to attend these workshops for their own knowledge and spiritual development.


  • Reservations are required.
  • Bring a lunch and bottle of water
  • Wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers (for hot/cold)
  • For massage table work, bring a set of sheets with pillow case cover
  • Please-do NOT wear perfumes, hairsprays, and scented deodorants



Office is handicap accessible. For workshop schedule, class objectives, cancellation policy just click on the class below. Each workshop contains instructor demonstrations, lecture, certificate and hands on practicals.Tuning Fork Therapy® classes include ALL tuning forks, books and hand outs for course completion. There is never anything additional to buy.



If you are attending a hands-on massage class, please be sure to wear underwear and bring your own set of sheets (including face cradle cover).




  • If paying with credit card go to the class selected and clik on the 'Pay' button. Be sure to include the date of the class in the comment box at Credit cards can also be taken over the telephone by calling 941-492-7136.


    If paying by check, send payment to Francine Milford, 3730 Cadbury Circle, #614, Venice, Fl. 34293


    Please allow sufficient time for me to receive your payment. Please do not come to class without confirming your seat beforehand. I am not responsible for checks that are 'lost in the mail.'


Reiki Center of Venice

Venice, Fl. 34293




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