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Home for Body~Mind~Spirit certifications, classes, products, etc.

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~ The Reiki Center of Venice offers Reiki Training and Certification, CE classes, workshops, Aromatherapy (NAHA 230 hours qualified) and so much more ~


     For the mind and spirit we offer Qigong, Do~In, Breathing Classes, Reiki, Chios, Tuning Fork Therapy®, Bach Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Chakra and Aura Balancing, Crystals, Color Therapy, and so much more.



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NCBTMB and FL Massage Ce's Workshops

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Reiki Certifications and Products

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NCBTMB and FL Massage Ce's


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Upcoming Schedule of Classes

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Aromatherapy Certification & Products

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Tuning Fork Therapy® Certifications

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Bach Flower Certification

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Komyo Reiki

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Books include Reiki, Tuning Forks, Hand Therapy for Computer Users, Makko Ho, Do~In, Qigong and more.

Iridology Certification

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Chakra Energy Worker Certification



Sample List of Energy Systems

Below is a list of Long Distant Certifications that I am currently offering.


All courses include a manual, attunement and certificate that will be emailed to you. There is an additional $20 fee if you want a certificate mailed to you. If you want a certification that you don't see here, drop me an email at



~ there are many more certifications that I haven't had the time to put up on the website yet.




Agape Reiki


Ahara Reiki

Akashic Records

Alaya Crystal Healing Course

Ama Deus

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Angel Initiations

Angel Reiki

Angelic Sedtiel Empowerment

Angel Servant Stone

Angels 7 Days

Angels of the Sun

Angelic Elemental Template

Animal Healing

Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray

Ascension Reiki

Astral Star

Atlantian Crystal Activation

Atlantian Crystal Angels   

Aura Empowerment Reiki

Blue Star

Buddha Palm Healing/Jawa Magic Mantras

Celtic Reiki

Centaur Chiron

Chios Energy Field Healing

Colours of Angels

Cosmic Alignments

Crystal Dragons

Deep Red Reiki

Dental Reiki

Divine Will Reiki

Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing

Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat Empowerment

Dolphin Sekhem-Seichim Reiki

Dolphin Trilogy Reiki

Dragon Reiki

Elemental Reiki

Elemental Earth Star Empowerment

ElMorya Healing System

Elven Shamanic Healing

Ethereal Crystals

Faery Reiki

Fearless Reiki

Gayatri Seichim Reiki 

Goddess Hecate

Golden Triangle

Green Tara Seichim Reiki

Gtummo Huna Reiki

Hunab Ku Reiki

Imara Reiki

Indalo and Circle of Light

Indigo Light Empowerment

Isis Blue Moon Healing  

Kaballah Reiki

Kahi Loa

Karuna Ki
Karuna Ki

Karuna Reiki

Ki Manna

Knights Templar

Komyo Reiki


Kundalini Boosters

Lavender Flame

Lemurian Facilitator

Lotus Petal Reiki

Ma'heo'o Reolo Certification

Mari_el Certification

MatriVihara Reiki Certification

Medicine Buddha Reiki

Merfolk Reiki

Money Reiki

Moon Reiki

Oneness Reiki

Perfect Identity


Purple Reiki

Pyramid Reiki

Quan Yin's Lavender Flame

Raku-Kei Reiki

Ra Sheeba Certiification

Reiki Psychic

Sacred Breath

Sacred Flames Reiki

Sacred Geometry Reiki

Sacred Geometry Reiki

Sapphires of Angels

Sapphires of Angels

Seven Rays

Seven Rays Seven Degrees Reiki

Sexual Empowerment

Shambella Initations Manual

Shambella Mutli Dimetional Healing

Shambella Reiki MD

Silver Violet

Snow White Healing

Solar Light I and II Empowerments

Spirit Reiki

Tantra Reiki

Templar Reiki

Tibetan Reiki

Tiger Reiki

Transparency Reiki

Tulip Passion Reiki

Usui Reiki Master-$25

Usui Reiki Certification-$25

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho-$100

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Certification-$100

Vajra Tummo Reiki-$49

Vibrational Reiki-level one certification-$99

Violet Flame Reiki

Walking the Rainbow

White Dove Reiki


Free Long Distant Healing-just drop me an email and ask for yourself or for a loved one


Are you ordering a long distant certification listed above?


If so, then please choose one of the courses below as my gift to you



Get---One FREE system with each PAID system


~~~For every certification that you purchase, choose one system marked 'free.'

If you purchase 3 systems, then pick 3 of the FREE systems below for your enjoyment.

All manuals, attunements and certificates will be emailed to you. 



Please allow 24 hours after payment for me to email you the course.

  • Achille's Heel-FREE
  • Amon Ra-FREE
  • Ana ndamay Empowerment-FREE
  • Ancient Egyptian Mantra Initiation-FREE
  • Ancient Fairy Stone Healing Empowerment-FREE
  • An Dogda Mor Empowerment-FREE
  • Angel Blessing Meditation-FREE
  • Angels of the Heart Empowerment-FREE
  • Angel Wings-FREE
  • Angelic Cellular Healing-FREE
  • Angelic Healing Initiation-FREE
  • Angelic Empowerment and meditation-FREE
  • Angelic Sealtiel Empowerment-FREE
  • Angelite Empowerment & MEditation-FREE
  • Archangel Chakra Prayer-FREE
  • Atlantean Pyramid Initiation-FREE
  • Balance Out Empowerment-FREE 
  • Blue Moon-FREE
  • Butterfly-FREE
  • Chimeria's Lair-FREE
  • Divine Protecetion Reiki-FREE
  • DNA Healing Reiki-FREE
  • Dromber Stone Circle Empowerment-FREE
  • Elenari Healing System -FREE
  • Forgiveness Rosary-FREE
  • Isaiah Initiations-FREE
  • Jeremiah Initiations-FREE
  • Judges Initiations-FREE
  • Magical Touch of Reiki-FREE
  • Martin Luther King Initiation-FREE
  • Midori Emowerment-FREE
  • Odyssey Empowerment-FREE
  • Pain Management Empowerment-FREE
  • Pallas AThena Initation-FREE
  • Pegasus' Lair-FREE
  • Premi Agni Symbol Attunement-FREE
  • Ray of Hope Empowerment-FREE
  • Reiki Chakra-FREE
  • Reju Spiritual Gift-FREE
  • Santa Lucia-FREE
  • Silver Star-FREE
  • Soul Mate Reiki-FREE
  • Spiritual Transmission Reiki-FREE
  • St. Francis of Assisi-FREE
  • Star of Isis-FREE
  • Star Seed Transmissions-FREE
  • Telling Science-FREE
  • Templar 2-FREE
  • White Protection Energy-FREE
  • World Peace Rosary-FREE
  • Yin Yang Reiki-FREE
  • Yule Reiki-FREEZadkiel Attunement-FREE




Individual & Group Sessions are available by Appointment




Reiki Center of Venice

Francine Milford

3730 Cadbury Circle, 614W

Venice, Fl. 34293







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